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Frequently Asked Questions.

Have you ever wanted to hurl obscenities at someone? That lazy jerk at the office, perhaps? The roommate who won’t do their goddamn dishes? Your grandma who won’t stop asking when you’re gonna have kids? The Swearball delivers just that.

You squeeze that ball and whisper your deepest darkest insult and throw it at the recipient… Swearball does the rest.

t’s the most state of the art Swearball on the market. If you are into brevity then this is your fucking ball my friend. 12 fucks delivered in random order. This ball is really all about the efficient delivery of a fuck. Grab, throw, your fuck is now delivered.

Yeah dummy, it’s totally magic.
You ask the ball some deep existential questions and it will answer you truthfully. Now, whether you take a talking ball’s advice is up to you.
We always have our mind on our balls. You can expect more balls in the future. We want to hear from you if you have some wonderful or weird idea for a new ball.

Well we recommend letting kids start out on the Swearball. This ball comes unrecorded so kids can record their own kid versions of swears. Some examples of these are… fiddlesticks, poop, booger and of course douche canoe.

Yeah, but why would you want to throw nice things at someone?

We are still looking for the dirtiest… maybe yours will be? We did loan the Swearball to a pack of sailors and it seemed to hold up ok.